Code of Conduct

This Code of Conduct was put together by the Scouts at the start of 2015. Our Scouts all read and sign to agree to follow this code:

  • Treat others with respect,
  • Be kind to everyone,
  • Take pride & arrive in the correct uniform or clothing for the activity,
  • No Cheating – Play fairly and include everyone,
  • Give your best effort in all you do,
  • Attend all meetings and events where possible:
    • Arrive on time for each meeting
    • Arrive in the correct uniform or clothing for the meeting /activity
    • Ensure uniforms are smart and shirts are tucked in upon arrival
  • Bring what you’ve been asked to, and only that*,
  • Keep your language clean,
  • Respect all Scouting ceremonies.

A Yellow/Red Card warning system WILL BE used during the year.

*Contraband: Mobile phones (speak to a leader if there is a special reason to have your phone), Food, Electronics, MP3 Players, Games Consoles.

Items will be confiscated during meetings.

We, the Scouts and Leaders of Hatch Warren Scout Group, agree to follow the Code of Conduct and understand that repeated breach of this code might result in discussions with parents regarding bad behavior or exclusion from future activities.