6 - 8 years old

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The Beaver Section is for youngsters aged between 6 and 8 years. The programme for this age group is based around Fun & Friends. Each Beaver ‘Colony’ usually meets once a week to take part in a wide range of activities including games, crafts, singing, visits and good turns, along with plenty of outdoor activities. They have a structured and ongoing learning progress which will prepare them for the transition to the Cub section.

They will also have the opportunity to take part in the fun and excitement of camps and sleepovers. It may be the first time they spend a night away from home so it’s a real adventure for them

Through all of these activities they will earn their first awards and badges.

Hatch Warren Beavers

Here at Hatch Warren we have two Beaver Colonies. Both hold their weekly meetings at the Hatch Warren Community Centre on Long Cross Lane, Hatch Warren.

Chinook Beavers

Thursday: 18:15 – 19:30

Ojibwa Beavers

Friday: 18:00 – 19:15

Beaver Scout Promise & Motto

Beaver Scout Promise

The Scout Association is an inclusive and values based Movement which supports its Members to engage with spirituality in an exciting and meaningful way.

Membership is open to all those individuals who share our fundamental values, and are willing to make a commitment to them, expressed by the Promise and Law.

There are a number of variations of the Beaver Scout Promise to reflect the range of faiths, beliefs and attitudes, and nationalities, in the UK within Scouting.

For Christians, Jews and Sikhs

I promise to do my best,
To be kind and helpful,
And to love God.

For Hindus and Buddhists

I promise to do my best,
To be kind and helpful,
And to love my Dharma.

For Muslims

I promise to do my best,
To be kind and helpful,
And to love Allah.

For humanists, atheists and those with no defined faith

I promise to do my best,
To be kind and helpful,
And to love our world.

Beaver Scout Motto

Be Prepared

Beaver Scout Uniform

What to wear

Beaver Scouts wear a turquoise sweatshirt with a Group scarf (often called a necker) and a maroon woggle or one of another colour which identifies their Lodge or team.

Badge positions

All badges go in a specific location on the uniform. Please see the diagram opposite to see where they should go. Click the image for a larger view