Orienteering Challenge

Orienteering Challenge

Getting you out while we can’t meet


The Hatch Warren Orienteering Challenge gives everyone a chance to get out and about while face-to-face Scouting is not possible due to the current pandemic.

The challenge is a series of 40 locations around Hatch Warren and the surrounding area. The location of each is shown below using a range of different methods of references.

The challenge is open to everyone, whether you are a member of Hatch Warren, the wider Scouting family or a member of our local community.

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After you find each location you should log the find on this website. As you log the finds, we will keep track of these finds for you and award levels of achievement for every 10 locations (you can find them in any order).


For every 10 locations you find you will achieve one of our virtual awards. 


10 Finds


20 Finds


30 Finds


40 Finds


When you achieve each award level, your confirmation email will contain a link to download a Certificate which you can print at home!

Blanket Badge

We are going to look at the possibility of having a set of embroidered badges made. This will only happen if it is financially viable and there is sufficient interest.

The cost of these badges won’t be known until later but will be kept as low as possible.

For each level you achieve, a blanket badge request link will be included in your confirmation email. To register your request for a badge make sure you click the link!


40 Locations

There are 40 locations to find in this challenge. There are a number around Hatch Warren & Beggarwood, some in the nearby villages where some of our members live but then also some across a wide area of countryside along public footpaths and bridleways.

You can find the locations in any order so maybe create yourself a map of all of the locations and plan some longer walks to find a few while you are out?

View the locations


The locations are given using a range of different reference systems. You need to use maps and online services to identify the location of the markers.

For hints and tips for all of these methods, visit our Navigation Help page.

Navigation help


All markers are the same as the example below. They are roughly the size of a postcard and will secured to something sturdy at the location given.

If you find any problems with the marker, please add a comment to your log. 

If you believe a marker is missing, please email with as many details as possible. Alternatively, use the form to log the location with the passcode ‘MISSING’.