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The Hatch Warren Orienteering Challenge gives everyone a chance to get out and about while face-to-face Scouting is not possible due to the current pandemic.

The challenge is a series of 40 locations around Hatch Warren and the surrounding area.

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The Locations

These are all 40 locations in the Hatch Warren Orienteering Challenge.

You can find them in any order so all you need to do it work out the location and get outside exploring!

Moving markers

For a variety of reasons we may have to move a marker during the challenge. This will only be done if absolutely necessary and we will make it clear on here as soon as a marker is moved by adding “NEW LOCATION” to the entry below.

Missing markers

Sadly from time to time our markers may go missing. 

If you believe you have searched the correct location and cannot find a marker, please let us know so that we can check and replace if necessary. Please log the marker and use the passcode ‘MISSING’.

Once we know a marker is not in place we will show it below as crossed out. We will replace the marker as soon as possible.

Do be sure to check here regularly, particularly if you are going to be making special trips to find a location.

The challenge has now closed. Location markers will be collected in soon.

OS Map Locations

  1. SU 64670 46731
    – Along Byway.
  1. SU 55074 47238
    – Church Boundary.
  1. SU 59143 48290
    – Tree on footpath towards farm
  1. SU 58771 46013
    – Junction of Footpath and Road.
  1. SU 60500 48589
    – Fence behind bins near centre entrance.
  1. SU 53649 41885
    – Junction of Path and Car Park.
  1. SU 62615 46236
    – Junction of Paths.
  1. SU 52302 47605
    – Junction of Path and Track.
  1. SU 51714 42757
    – Communtity Centre.
  1. SU 60872 48908
    – Open space opposite school where path goes through trees.
  1. SU 57440 40932
    – Junction of Byway and Road.
  1. SU 52681 50309
    – Bridge Near Junction of Paths.
  1. SU 59248 47426- Fencepost alongside golf course near wider ‘track’ opposite.
  1. SU 58881 49245
    – Junction of Path and Bridleway.

what3words Locations

  1. ///cove.skirting.slippers
    – Path from cycle path to field.
  1. ///grin.cherry.chose
    – Park equipment.
  1. ///handed.fidget.musically
    – Near Post Box.
  1. ///coaster.puts.chess
    – Post on playing field side of trees.
  1. ///nuptials.wiggling.coasters
    – Central Path From Church.
  1. ///smug.horns.hope
    – Gateway to private field.
  1. ///birdcage.dial.scouting
    – Near Phone Box.
  1. ///galaxy.wonderful.trucked
    – Rest spot near Tumuli.
  1. ///wardrobe.watching.hothouse
    – Near X Roads Junction of Paths and Tracks.
  1. ///limo.inclines.treatable
    – Junction of footpath and bridleway
  1. ///limiting.adopts.zaps
    – Where Path Enters Treeline.
  1. ///adopters.appealing.bulge
    – Where Path Leaves Car Park.
  1. ///scoping.speak.mammal
    – Near Phone Box.

Lat/Long Locations

  1. 51.2126280,-1.1965184
    – Near Post Box at Bus Stop.
  1. 51.208913,-1.087358
    – Chruch Drive.
  1. 51.2237693, -1.1043704
    – Junction of Track, Byway and Bridleway.
  1. 51.2403160, -1.1227388
    – Post in tree line.
  1. 51.178624, -1.169263
    – Near Path and Track Junction.
    Take a photo or describe the exact location & email for the passcode.
  1. 51.2343561, -1.1180272
    – Post next to car park.
  1. 51.2468606,-1.1441563
    – Signpost on Cycleway.
  1. 51.2381307, -1.0974154
    – Next to pont.
  1. 51.2439153,-1.2632856
    – Tree Near Library.
  1. 51.2261974, -1.1398667
    – Boundary of play area.
  1. 51.2315321, -1.1340443
    – Resting spot for bugs.
  1. 51.2193902, -1.1422693
    – Fencepost along footpath.
  1. 51.1762051,-1.1222751
    – Post at Side of Track.

Location information


The locations are given using a range of different reference systems. You need to use maps and online services to identify the location of the markers.

For hints and tips for all of these methods, visit our Navigation Help page.



All markers are the same as the example below. They are just under A5 in size and will secured to something sturdy at the location given.

If you find any problems with the marker, please add a comment to your log.

If you believe a marker is missing, please email with as many details as possible.